Know yourself assessment

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle

‘Know Yourself Assessment’, helps you to understand and assess yourself better.

Know Yourself Assessment provides you with an analysis about your personality and characteristic patterns. This Assessment also helps you gain insights on your own interests, values and aims. It gives an analysis of your strength, weakness and the right direction to build yourself. Our consultants guide you to succeed and to turn your weakness into your strength. Additional counselling sessions help you on your path of self excellence and also to make successful long-term plans with a proper structure and in the right direction. This assessment is a complete package which sets one’s direction firmly towards success, and a bright future by building and motivating you to enhance and enrich yourself and your abilities.

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Absolutely anyone can take this assessment, either individually, or you can take this assessment with your colleagues, team members, friends, partner's etc to understand what common ground you share as well as what sets you apart. The tests were developed to assess compatibility between individuals as well as partners or anyone and everyone with whom you would wish to evaluate your compatibility with. You can use this report to discuss with your partner on developing your strength and overcoming your challenges. It all it can also be taken by a single individual as it helps in understanding individualistic characteristic traits and beliefs.

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What does this Report Include:

  • - 28 questions
  • - Statements
  • - Images
  • - Adjectives
  • - Card sorting

Graphical Representation of your preferences on:

  • - Energy
  • - Absorption of Information
  • - Decision Making
  • - Organization


Your interactions at various settings. (work, personal and social set-ups)

Personality Code:

Every individual is ‘Unique’ and each one of us has a different Personality. Personality Code is a four letter acronym used to describe one’s preferences over other. It represents on which out of the two poles of the four dichotomies or parameter one falls.
(For Example: ESTJ - The Director, ISTP - The Crafter, INTP - The Thinker, ENFP - The Champion etc)

Temperament Profile:

  • - Characteristics
  • - Your core features
  • - Your Defining Features
  • - Areas of improvement
  • - Tips to improve your adaptability
  • - Strengths

Graphical Representation of your and your partner’s preferences on:

  • - Energy
  • - Absorption of Information
  • - Decision Making
  • - Organization


Your partner’s and your interactions at various settings (explains differences and similarities at work, personal and social set-ups)

Tips to improve your interactions with the matched partner at various settings.

Personality Code : Summary of both - Indicates how different or similar both are.

Temperament Profile:

Indicates how different or similar both of you are.

This Package consists of the following elements:


Psychometric Assessment


Detailed analysis of the report (Individual & Couple)


Personality Profile


Graphical representation of each parameter


Tips to improve your interaction with people and at work various settings (home, office, social etc.)


Counselling – Individual/Couple sessions – 45 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing."- Albert Einstein

No. This assessment report will show interactions with one person at a time can only be assessed.
Your personality attributes will be captured. Your preferences and Temperament will be discovered. So, there will be scope for self-growth when you gain insight into those aspects.
You can check how compatible you could be with an individual, it's restricted to general life, work and social life. So, if you are looking for marriage compatibility then you should take-up Assessments specific to marriage compatibility.

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