"You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making." - Stephen Richards

Are you ready to choose who to share your life with?

This assessment was developed to assess compatibility between individuals who are in a relationship, engaged or in a partnership. It evaluates your readiness towards a committed relationship.

While choosing a partner it is beneficial to know oneself very well and that is why this tool provides you with an overall summary to understand your very own sense of identity, temperament, personality and core values and once your partner takes assessment too, the result will be merged determining your compatibility!

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Who should take this assessment?

You can take this assessment with your partner or prospective partner to understand what common ground you share as well as what sets you apart. A successful union takes place when a couple is able to recognize and work out the difference.

Although this assessment has been developed to determine compatibility between two individuals it can also be taken by a single individual as it helps in understanding oneself being aware of their traits and beliefs.

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Test Your Compatibility

What does this Report Include:

  • - Values
  • - Adaptability
  • - Independence
  • - Family Life
  • - Love and Care
  • - Appearance
  • - Sexual Attitude
  • - Physical Fitness

Your relationship compatibility report contains a detailed analysis of the answers you provided on the relationship compatibility questionnaire. All great relationships have some magical ingredients that help them stand the test of time and this report has been designed to provide insights about you in all those important areas:

  • - Identity
  • - Core Values
  • - Personality
  • - Temperament

We highly encourage you to contemplate what the results mean for you personally and for your relationship. You can use this report to develop your strengths and overcome any challenges.

Your relationship compatibility report contains a detailed analysis of the answers you and your partner provided on the Relationship compatibility questionnaire. The compatibility report presents a summary profile of you, your partner, and your relationship in areas that we have found to be most important in influencing relationship stability, quality and success:

  • - Identity
  • - Core Values
  • - Personality
  • - Temperament

We highly encourage you to discuss with your partner what the results mean for each of you personally and for your relationship. Use this report to focus discussion with your partner on developing your strengths and overcoming your challenges.

Our Packages


3000 6000
For Individual
    • 1 REPORT
    • 1 Consultation Session


6000 0
For Individual
    • 1 REPORT
    • 3 Consultation Session


10500 0
For Individual
    • 1 REPORT
    • 6 Consultation Session


* Report of the individual who purchases the individual package.
**Combined report of both the payer and partner.
+ Couple report interpretation session should be done separately with each partner ( we highly recommend this for effective consulting session)
*** 45 minutes of telephonic consultation

This Package consists of the following elements:


Psychometric Assessment


Detailed Report with Analysis


Comparative graphs and brief descriptions of each parameter.


Your potential strengths and challenges as a couple.


Some easy and practical tips to improve the quality of your relationship!


Counselling – Individual/Couple sessions – 45 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing."- Albert Einstein

Yes, you can. The time duration required in completing an assessment depends on the speed of the individual and the length of the assessment. However, the average time taken is 15-30 mins.
The time duration of one counseling session ranges from 45 mins to 1 hour.
There are different options for different assessments. Kindly click on know more for more information.
It will be a telephonic counseling session.
It will help you gain insights about yourself. It will also help you in recognizing your patterns of behavior and thoughts that will facilitate your self-growth.
There must be a gap of 1 week to a fortnight between two sessions. However, the number or the gap between sessions largely depends on the needs of the individual.
No. It will be kept confidential. Information about your counselling session / consultations will only be shared with your expressed consent / written permission.
The frequency of the consultation is mutually agreed upon the counselor and the counselee. It largely depends upon the present concerns of the individual and the goals set by both mutually.
No, we do not prescribe any medications.
Yes, we do have couple counseling. However, the need for the presence of both partners depends upon their concerns as a couple.

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