Family is the heart of a home.

Family influences play a major role in molding or shaping a child’s individuality in his later years. The individual’s sense of worth and attitude towards others is largely dependent on the quality of relationships maintained with his family members.

Early attachment patterns between a parent and child will have a long-lasting effect on the individual determining the attachment patterns the child will end up adopting in adulthood. Siblings influence one another cognitively, emotionally, and socially. A healthy family relationship is important for a child’s well- being and growth, even in later years, when the child grows to become an adult and starts a family of his own.

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Who Should take this Assessment?

This assessment is a comprehensive battery of assessments that will help you explore quality interactions with your immediate family members, will help you in recognizing any unhealthy patterns in these relationships and provide you with fixes that will help in mending those relationships.

Lack of warmth or cohesiveness can break a family and a strong family can withstand any hardships. Take this opportunity to evaluate and analyze your dynamics.

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Test Your Compatibility

What does this Report Include:

  • - Values
  • - Adaptability
  • - Independence
  • - Family Life
  • - Love and Care
  • - Appearance
  • - Sexual Attitude
  • - Physical Fitness

this report provides insights about you in all those important areas:

  • - Identity
  • - Core Values
  • - Personality
  • - Temperament

This report presents a summary profile of you, your partner, and your relationship in areas that influences relationship stability, quality and success:

  • - Identity
  • - Core Values
  • - Personality
  • - Temperament

This Package consists of the following elements:


Psychometric Assessment


Detailed Report with Analysis


Individual Descriptors


Features of Relationship (Interactions or Dynamics of both).


Tips to improve the quality of your relationship with each other!


Counselling – Individual/Couple sessions – 45 minutes.


Choice of therapeutic mode: Telephonic.

Frequently Asked Questions

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing."- Albert Einstein

No. Dynamics with one member at a time can only be assessed.
the report will not be generated, pand the assessment will remain incomplete until the reciprocal form is submitted.
If you want to check your dynamics with your spouse, you will be taking Husband-wife form, your wife will also take Husband-wife form.

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