Our Approach

Every individual wishes to lead a healthy and fruitful life. And, in order to achieve it the individual goes through lengths to ensure the peace and contentment he truly deserves. In such a scenario, knowing oneself becomes a need of utmost importance, as one can never really commit to his duties without knowing his own capabilities. The time has passed when such a thought would have been considered as just a distant dream. But, today, with the advent of social psychology, accurate psychometric tests and the study of personality styles, it has only become easier and easier to assess one’s blind spots, strengths and weaknesses and to know oneself better!

Psychometric assessments is a process-orientated activity aimed at gathering a wide array of information by using assessment measures. These methods are standard and scientific, measuring a person’s mental capabilities and behavioral style with ease.

Developed by Psychologists and HR professionals, the assessment test works across different hierarchy, age groups and processes due to its custom made design and process. The test results are reliable in predicting an individual’s performance, and in most cases the reports provide a precise assessment of the applicant. This conclusion helps us understand the ability of an individual to make apt career choices, design development areas and individual course of action.

The intervention does not end with the assessment, as it is soon followed by an effective, Intense Coaching, Expert Counselling and Mentoring Program which further assists the person in improving his concern areas.


In simple words, we first assess the person on his strengths and concern areas to derive the perfect method to enhance his abilities to face the challenges. This can only be accomplished, when we also involve the people associated with the person. Once the assessment, consultation and trainings have been successfully completed, we go a step ahead and interact with the concerned individuals dear and near ones, to identify the positive transformation in the individual. Once that has been established, we give the individual a ‘go ahead’ to carry on with his work, family and social life, as always.

We pride ourselves in our dedication to transforming an individual for the better by providing them with the much required handholding in the form of expert consultations and counselling support. Our tests involve the use of customized online assessments which comprises all areas of personality, behavior, aptitude and logical reasoning to evaluate the individual’s potential. We have assessed more than thousands of parents, adolescents, young professionals, unemployed youths, mid and senior level managements, executives etc pan India till date.

Take our assessments along with an in-depth report interpretation and expert consulting sessions to develop an action plan to excel in your Professional, Personal and Social Life - today!

Frequently Asked Questions

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing."- Albert Einstein

Yes, you can. The time duration required in completing an assessment depends on the speed of the individual and the length of the assessment. However, the average time taken is 15-30 mins.
The time duration of one counseling session ranges from 45 mins to 1 hour.
There are different options for different assessments. Kindly click on know more for more information.
It will be a telephonic counseling session.
It will help you gain insights about yourself. It will also help you in recognizing your patterns of behavior and thoughts that will facilitate your self-growth.
There must be a gap of 1 week to a fortnight between two sessions. However, the number or the gap between sessions largely depends on the needs of the individual.
No. It will be kept confidential. Information about your counselling session / consultations will only be shared with your expressed consent / written permission.
The frequency of the consultation is mutually agreed upon the counselor and the counselee. It largely depends upon the present concerns of the individual and the goals set by both mutually.
No, we do not prescribe any medications.
Yes, we do have couple counseling. However, the need for the presence of both partners depends upon their concerns as a couple.

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