Have a career goal but need direction and guidance to achieve it?

Whether you are stuck in a dead end corporate job, earning less or not appreciated for your hard work, a negative perception of your career is disheartening. Our career assessments test guides you to make the right career choice, identify your interests, skills, and develop a personal vision which gives you purpose and empower you to work to achieve your career goals .

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Do you think you have reached your full potential? Or is there still room for improvement?

When it comes to improving yourself, it can be challenging to know where to begin! Self- Growth should be seen as a lifelong journey that is ongoing and needs to be altered in different phases of life. Personal assessments can be an incredible helpful tool in this process. Our Psychometric assessment provides an external perspective on a variety of parameters about yourself.

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Understand yourself and your relationships better!

Love isn’t enough sometimes. It can get difficult to manage various relationship with challenging work deadlines, evolving or unexpressed needs and circumstances beyond control. Our Compatibility Assessments will help you reinvent yourself and revive your relationships into a resilient one and help decide what’s best for you and your partner.

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Do you have dreams, vision and career aspirations in place, but need to choose the right path to reach there?

Shaping young learners from an early age to make right choices is the crux of attaining all your personal and professional goals. Our young learners psychometric test with consultation will act as a guide in choosing the perfect background right from education that would be authentic to your personality, skills and life vision.

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About Us


Future Perfect Psychometric Assessments and Counselling delivers a complete pre and post training experience where an individual is provided with a holistic image of their personal, professional and social life, with the aim of identifying blind spots so you can achieve your full potential!

At Future Perfect, we understand and recognize an individual’s desire to polish innate strengths, abilities and talents to achieve growth and success. By administering various assessments along with an innovative blend of tools, we help reveal and assess the indeterminate, usually recognized and perceived by others but unknown to you! So you can be prepared to explore new opportunities by being the best version of you!

Successfully recommended by several individuals as well as corporates as a prerequisite for top corporate training programs.





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Benefits of Future Perfect

Success Habits

You are your habits. Building habits that take you closer to success are the need of the hour and Future Perfect gives you just that and more. Future Perfect instills in you newer capabilities to absorb success habits that will leave a positive impact on your day to day life.

Attitude And Personality Building

In today's day and age, our business demands us to meet new people on a daily basis. While just meeting people is not the goal, possessing the right attitude and personality will enable you to leave a lasting impact on the ones you meet. This aspect is extremely crucial as it determines your business building capabilities.

Work-Life Balance

Future Perfect Development Program enables you to build a balanced mindset and a positive attitude which eventually help you to maintain a good work-life balance.

Building Relationships

We focus on relationships more than anything as we believe that our work is more based on trust than just words. This is why Future Perfect provides you with the knowledge and wisdom on how to not only build relationships but also sustain them in a manner where it blossoms into a fruitful association.

360 Degree Transformation

Becoming a part of Future Perfect ensures that you undergo a 360 Degree Transformation that reflects positively in your professional, personal and social life. The skills and expertise that you derive from the course are sure to help you climb up the ladder to success.

How To Book An Appointment?

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Become part of Future Perfect by entering your basic contact details.

Take An Assessment

These assessments will help you to know yourself better by measuring essential parameters.

Book a consultation

You will be connected to an expert to understand the report and workout the best solution for you.

Unlock your potential

Discover with your expert the way to fully unlock your potential, learn professionally developed tips and techniques customized to your needs.


Once the Future Perfect program has been completed, you will be deemed Future Perfect certified where you will be receiving the relevant certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing."- Albert Einstein

Yes, you can. The time duration required in completing an assessment depends on the speed of the individual and the length of the assessment. However, the average time taken is 15-30 mins.
The time duration of one counseling session ranges from 45 mins to 1 hour.
There are different options for different assessments. Kindly click on know more for more information.
It will be a telephonic counseling session.
It will help you gain insights about yourself. It will also help you in recognizing your patterns of behavior and thoughts that will facilitate your self-growth.
There must be a gap of 1 week to a fortnight between two sessions. However, the number or the gap between sessions largely depends on the needs of the individual.
No. It will be kept confidential. Information about your counselling session / consultations will only be shared with your expressed consent / written permission.
The frequency of the consultation is mutually agreed upon the counselor and the counselee. It largely depends upon the present concerns of the individual and the goals set by both mutually.
No, we do not prescribe any medications.
Yes, we do have couple counseling. However, the need for the presence of both partners depends upon their concerns as a couple.

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